Miginia chat service for communication with each visitor of your site

What can Miginia?

Save your money

Virtual operators never get tired, work around the clock without breaks and weekends. Expenditure on support minimizes, while sales from the site grow. Is it awesome?

Miginia saves your money

Generate Leads

Attract new customers by communicating with them is the way of leadgeneration. Accounting for customer information helps to optimize performance and increase sales.

Miginia as a lead gerator

Answer questions

Vocabulary of virtual operators Miginia allows them to communicate with visitors and answer frequently asked questions. Dictionary can be complemented and adapted to any site. Setting up is simple and intuitive.

Miginia chat increases your profits

Of course, that's not all!

Virtual operator can never replace live communication. Therefore we have developed a system for live operators.

Admin panel contains a complete set of tools for contact with your website visitors

Qip to miginia Pigin to miginia Adium to miginia Miranda to miginia

For the convenience of a dialogue with visitors, you can still chat with popular Internet pagers as Adium, Miranda, Pidgin, and QIP.

Our customers

Opteck as user of miginia service

“Our partners use Miginia to increase conversion from their landing pages. The results of leadgeneration are really good”

Victoria,Support Manager

Simakey miginia user

“Nice application. Miginia is the best solution for leadgeneration”

David, Web-developer

Casa Linda s.r.o about miginia service

“Good chat, good operators. Thanks to the developers for a great product”

Xenia,Casa Linda marketer

ArtStroyka uses miginia service

“Very handy thing, and helps to work. The man spoke with the site operator, left his contacts for communication. We gone anyway with him, agreed to and it's done”

Artem,Director ArtStroyka

Svetoreklama about miginia and lead generation

“Thanks to the chat, the conversion increased by 15%, and this is not a small figure”

Andrew,Sales Manager

Magical Light with positive feedback about miginia

“Good replacement of support. Even at night and on weekends, visitors can talk and clarify the issues”

Svetlana,Sales Manager